Welcome to the Internet.

Dusk browser is a free & open-source browser for a decentralized future.

Dusk Browser
Dusk Browser

Browse the decentralized web.

Find and do things online without the need of centralized platforms that are known to censor, prevent access, show ads, and charge unwanted fees.

Discover the web's true potential.

Enjoy unbridled, worldwide access to the free & open web the way it was intended to be. Peer-to-peer restores content to the Internet by “de-platforming” it, similar to the way browsers broke down the “walled gardens” of early ISPs.

Dusk Browser

Create the Internet.

Platforms don't create content, people do.

Peer-to-peer tech enables people to connect directly.

Platform emancipation

Yelp for reviews... Twitter for thoughts... YouTube for videos... Ticketmaster for tickets...

“Big Tech” apps & social media platforms pioneered something great at first, but as they grew into corporate monopolies, things got weird. Now — even for basic access — there are auth & pay walls, excessive fees, invasive ads, and even outright censorship through practices like shadowbanning and the use of biased algorithms.

Dusk Browser offers an alternative, by open-sourcing the entire model.

Dusk Browser